AWantage Adult Guide Announces Major Changes Regarding Verified Profile

Posted at 14-11-2018

AWantage Adult Guide announces major changes regarding Verified spots. We present below the elements that make clear the distinction of an anonymous announcement to a Verified, this is a clear suggestion to check your profiles to benefit from the offer that begins today.

Also, taking into account the visitors' suggestions sent to our mailing address, we decided to bring an improvement to our website offering 50 free credits for Verified Ads. AWantage adult work publishes major changes in the validity of your ad on the adult Guide website. The difference between a verified and anonymous profile is immense when better sales are desired. Use this method and your announcement in our guide will be promoted to the full in our adult local guide.

Verified Adult Listings, our Verified advertiser's listed in adult guide has a grow up views about 70% more than local anonymous profiles, so clear and better sales. The market is very high, there are many offers, our visitors prefer to choose real-world knowledge to save time and to follow a quiet, quiet life without headaches. Without unpleasant moments, described by AW users, for walking away distances because the girl in the picture was not the same with reality or other complications that arose because of an anonymous ad in which she used fake pictures. We are totally opposed and we will review any announcement, if we notice the use of copied pictures or descriptions, we reserve the right to delete this ad.

Following several complaints from our visitors about ads with unreal photos, we decided to make an unremitting offer: All verified profiles will be rewarded with 5O free credits! Regardless of the area, escort or massage salon, club strip or toy shop for adults, as your business in the UK or Spain, Dubai or another city registered on the AW website, Adult work AW rewards users who use it checks his profile. We offer 50 free credits for any user who checks their profile!

How Do I Validate An Ad in a Verified One?

It's simpler than ever, and this can be done in 2 steps. Use our Recommendations following Advertise With Us rules and make the best improvements for better sales online. Send a mail to our contact address with a picture of yourself at the time of being clearly written on a white sheet of paper that you will hold with the inscriptions: I love AWantage Adult Work! and the current date!
If you are a massage salon or Strip Club The same thing you can do to get 50 credits for free. We use verification methods to make AW a clear adult website, some are through Google Maps and if your location is real it will be registered in our guide too!

You do not have to use any secret formula to have a value ad on an escort and massage service site. Here you will not have thousands of views and no phone calls. Here you will have views almost equal to the number of local reservations you will receive. We have been here for 5 years in the online adult market, growing every day and becoming one of the world's leaders.
So do not waste your time and money and pay an ad that can earn you earning from the first day. AW has grown steadily after a long trial, for over 5 years when the AW guide offered free visibility to all based local escorts, based local massage service providers were also offered a free local advertisement. Now we have become a local service map, we are in the top of the online recommendations, AW is visited daily by people searching for such services and is one of the top digital sites, this being a top site supported by an expert marketing firm online adult services.